Professional Research Services (PRS) conducts peer-review surveys of professionals to determine the best doctors, dentists, lawyers, real estate agents and chiropractors within a specific geographical area. PRS licenses this data to city and regional magazines and other media around the country. PRS’ listings have been featured in magazines nationwide including Honolulu Magazine, Rhode Island Monthly, (201) Magazine, New Orleans Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Seattle Met, Hour Detroit, and many more.

Until now, publishers and editors were faced with conducting this highly laborious and costly peer-review research on their own, or engaging a third-party provider who might not have the best interests of the magazine in mind. The need for solid research methodology, timely service, and a partner who understands the unique needs of the media has never been greater.

Straightforward Methodology

PRS produces top professional listings through peer review surveys, mailed directly to local practitioners within a designated market.


PRS customizes its work to specifically meet the timeliness, geographic locale, and service standards of publishers. With an emphasis on accurate data collection and fact-checking, PRS provides the client and its readers with trusted, high-quality content.

A Typical Timeline

Month 1

  • Sign license agreement
  • Research market area

Month 2

  • Approve target list and survey
  • Begin survey

Month 3

  • Survey in field

Month 4

  • Gather returned surveys and begin tabulation and analysis

Month 5

  • Deliver fact-checked and finalized data to magazine