Q: How does PRS create the top professionals list?

  • PRS sends a peer-review survey to all state professionals within a specific geographical area. PRS surveys the field for several weeks before gathering and interpreting the data.

Q: How many professionals are surveyed?

  • PRS attempts to reach all professionals within each designated market. PRS contacts the professionals through email, direct mail, telemarketing, professional associations, other media and various marketing initiatives.

Q: How long does the list take to produce?

  • From start to finish, the list takes approximately five months to create. Below is an example time line for a December issue.
    • May – Magazine approves PRS target list and survey
    • June – PRS mails survey
    • July – Survey out in the field
    • August – PRS gathers completed surveys and begins tabulation and analysis
    • September – PRS delivers data to Magazine

Q: How much do your services cost?

Our rates are competitive and based off of the number of professionals in a specific area. To receive a quote, email us at